Examination FAQ

Group work

My group is not working – what should I do?

Answer: Working on a project often means working in a group. Here are some tips about group work. Read more about it at student rights on the KTH web site.

How do I register for an exam?

Answer: You can register and unregister for an exam by going to the personal menu  here. Registration for exams is normally open between four to two weeks ahead of the exam date. Exam dates and times differ and each institution has its own routines.

I am behind in my studies

what should I do?

Answer: You should contact the student counsellor for your programme first.

I failed an examination

when can I resit it?

Answer: Search in the schedule system for the date of the examination or re-examination exam. Link to schedule.

Multiple courses

What do I do when my courses back up on each other?

Answer: At KTH you will often be taking two or three courses simultaneously so it is a good idea to plan your studies right from the start. Within scheduled programme syllabuses your courses should not overlap, but it may happen if you choose optional studies or retake courses. Speak with your student counsellor/coordinator and plan you studies before each semester.  

I have been given the wrong grade

The grade I have been given is not a fair assessment of my work.

Answer: Being awarded a grade is a decision by an authority and cannot be appealed, but you can request a review. A student always has the right to have a grade justified by the examiner and how this is disseminated is decided by the examiner.